Lalit K Jain

Lalit K Jain Esq

Chairman and General Counsel, IAPGALalit K Jain

1995 – Present CEO and General Counsel , Kutting Edge Kommon Sense, Inc. (KEKSI), Rego Park, NY 113741034, USA.

As Psychopathy Crucifies Justice Sanctified by Kmindopathy, so the Proprietary.

Preventive and Curative Keksian Arbitration System Resurrects Justice™

1978 - Law Offices of Lalit K Jain Esq 6122 Booth Street, Rego Park, NY 113741034 USA.

Attorney Jain in NY State, US Tax and Federal Courts, US Supreme Court, and Courts in India. 

Insures Practice of Law (POL) for Justice Instead of Practice of Flaw (POF) for Injustice™.

1985-1994 Merrill Lynch & Co, New York, NY.  

VP and Senior Counsel to the Boardand Senior Management on Benefits and Related 

Tax Laws.

1973-1985 St. Regis Paper Company Acquired by Champion … Acquired by 

International Paper …    

Manager, International Tax

1967-1972 L K Jain & Co, Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants, India    

Managing Chartered Accountant

1959-1967 B. N. Jain and K. N. Jain, Law Offices, India 

Law Clerk

The Indo American Professional Golf Tour in the United States